The Benefits of Surveillance

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Surveillance refers to the monitoring of activities and behavior for the purpose of managing or protecting people. There are various types of surveillance which include computer surveillance, telephone, social network analysis, biometrics, aerial, corporate, satellite imagery and the most common, cameras (Closed Circuit Television or CCTV). Surveillance is a technique used by governments or security companies for information gathering in order to protect its citizens or clients from crime through its prevention or through investigation.

There are several benefits to running a comprehensive surveillance system in your home or premises:

When used concurrently with existing security systems, it enhances their efficiency

The most common and efficient method of surveillance is video, as once someone is caught on camera; it is very difficult for them to actually compete with the allegations made against them. With the advent of smaller and smaller sensors being incorporated into the cameras of this century, cameras are becoming more and more conspicuous and well hidden. Having this video surveillance acts as a second layer to the existing home or office monitoring system. For example, at firms these days, they use biometrics to check in their staff members; having a camera with facial recognition abilities can be used to actually confirm the identity of the person and adds to the level of surety.

Allows for almost 24/7 monitoring of your premises

The various companies that specialize in the manufacture and sale of surveillance systems such as Pelco offer the equipment to allow for the full day surveillance of your premises. There are also various methods through which they allow for their customers to remotely check into the monitored zones remotely through their smartphones and specialized remote access to the database that is used to store the data collected. Such systems are even making their way to the mainstream with companies like Google and their product, Google Home that allows the homeowner to remotely tap into the product’s camera and see what is going on in their home.

Certain surveillance systems are easy-to-use

The trick is to consult an expert on the right framework and technology to suit your business or personal needs in order to keep your home or business premises safe and secure. Video surveillance is one of those methods that are simple to establish, allows for easy maintenance and is suitable for businesses and homes. This is because the companies that set up these systems usually set up the equipment, have a quick run up of how the system works with the owner and/or those in charge of monitoring and have a special clause that allows them to carry out maintenance of the system.

Method of saving money

Whether you are rich or just getting by, the lure of saving that extra buck is always present. Since almost all investments must be insured, lowering the cost of those insurance premiums can be seen as a lifesaver for many people. Insurance companies determine the cost of these premiums with how well the owner safeguards their premises or belongings. Setting up a surveillance system lowers these insurance rates as the insurance company acknowledges the efforts of the owner to safeguard their property and since most of the time these rates supersede the cost of setting up and maintenance of the security systems, it is always advisable to do your research.

Surveillance data serves as one of the best court case exhibits

The main reason to establish a surveillance system is in order to prevent a crime from occurring. In the hypothetical scenario that a crime happens to occur, having a record of the entries and exits of persons in your premises serves as the perfect way to narrow the list of suspects for the authorities and insurance companies. Surveillance systems in place act as great assets when brought forward in a court case.

Holds your staff accountable for their actions and allows one to keep track of their movements

Whether it is at home or at the office, the people under your employ must have signed an agreement on which their services specification was clearly stated. Establishing a surveillance method can be used to keep track of their whereabouts and ensure that they are adhering to their terms of employment as with these systems set in place, there is little to no dispute as to what transpired.

Used to monitor deserted or low-traffic areas in your premises

In a business setting, dark areas in warehouses are prime spots to establish a surveillance system. Since movements are hard to keep track of in these areas, they are usually a feast for the eyes when it comes to criminals. Placing a surveillance system in such areas can help improve security and deter criminals from trying anything fishy.

These systems can communicate with the relevant authorities in real-time

From smoke detectors to alarm systems, all these can actually be utilized by your surveillance system to notify the authorized parties as to the situation and they can perform their functions accordingly.

As you can see, surveillance systems have many uses and benefits to offer to your business or premises. Coupling them can offer you as the owner that reassurance that all is well.