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Bodyguard Services

Guard Force Security offers bodyguard services, executive security and corporate security in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. We understand the risks involved in private protection as well as the need to remain incognito dependent upon the circumstance. Corporate executives, celebrities, politicians, and other public figures have a greater likelihood of being exposed to personal attack than the average citizen. A security guard tasked with this type of protection has to be a specialist whether it is armed or unarmed security. A bodyguard or a team of bodyguards has to remain close to the client, constantly observing a changing environment and the situation, identifying potential risks, and being able to pick out escape routes should they be needed.

A bodyguard services specialist at Security Protective Services maintains the following responsibilities:

  • Provide safety but still maintain your privacy
  • Incorporate different types of security protection based on the situation
  • Monitor surrounding events closely to avoid attacks and/or kidnappings
  • React quickly should a crisis occur
  • Develop secure routes of travel and have contingency plans should the need arise

Guard Force Security understands that bodyguard protection is unique to the individual or individuals involved. We are experts in tailoring an individual security service plan based on your unique situation.

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