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This is a basic entitlement guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN. In short, it ensures that every citizen living in the sovereign state is entitled to safety and living without fear; if need arises, they are given the right to defend themselves. For us Americans, this right is clearly stated in the gun laws which regulate the sale and use of firearms in each state and is one of the surest ways of defending oneself because prevention is better than cure. This article looks at a long list of tips that can help anyone trying to prevent conflict and defend themselves:

  • Avoid isolated areas, especially at night, if you have to pass through that area, make sure you have company as there is safety in numbers, the more the merrier.
  • Always make sure wherever you travel; the area is adequately lit as this allows you the luxury of always knowing what is in your surroundings.
  • Never accept or offer lifts from/to strangers along the road.
  • When exercising in the form of jogging or riding a bike, make sure you do this in an area you are familiar with and during the daytime. Another point is to make sure you do this with at least one extra person as there is safety in numbers.
  • It is advisable not to use earphones or headphones whenever walking alone as this serves as a distraction from your surroundings and offers any wrong-doers the opportunity to get close to you without announcing their presence. It also serves as a deterrent to getting hit by a vehicle as you are aware when the person hoots at you.
  • NEVER leave your drink unattended at a social gathering where you do not know most of the people. Spiking of drinks has become commonplace in our society and many people have fallen victim to this ruse and defiled due to this misstep.
  • Always make sure to tell someone of your whereabouts, whether you are going to be late or not. This is mostly to the benefit of the people in your life who care about you as if something were to happen to you, they know where to start searching.
  • With the advent of social media and the sharing of photos and locations, kidnappers have an easier time in trying to locate their targets as the victims usually share this information freely and in real time. Always be conscious to this revelation and always be careful/vigilant when announcing your location or who you are there with.
  • Stay awake whenever using public transport, especially when traveling alone because you never know who might be waiting for a chance to catch you off-guard.
  • Keep a dog. They always tend to bark whenever there is trouble and are a useful way of staying alert while not being paranoid all the time.
  • Consider carrying personal protection like pepper spray and even a gun for when the worst happens. Even taking self-defense classes never hurt anybody and can even have the extra functionality of being a stress reliever, way of meeting new people or even a workout regime.
  • Always keep flashy jewelry hidden so as to reduce the chances of becoming a target especially when using public transport or walking in public.
  • Make sure to close your window up to a point a hand cannot pass through when in a vehicle. Pickpockets have an urge to steal from those caught unaware while accessing their phones or wallets. Even jewelry has been a target for these guys.
  • And last but not least, one thing people always take for granted when it comes to personal security; trust your gut feelings. This always provide the best method of detection and prevention of unwanted situations and if you learn to listen to your instincts and not assume their meaning, they will always guide you.


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