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Protecting your family begins with the protection of your home. It may be difficult to protect your home from professional thieves, but most home burglaries are done by amateurs whose efforts can easily be thwarted if you employ some simple security measures. In this article, we will discuss some basic security tips for your home that are easy to implement, and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Basic Security Tips

Always Lock Up: Make sure whenever you leave your home, you lock up. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through unlocked doors or windows.

Change the Locks: When you move to a new house, make sure to change all your locks. Change your locks also when you lose your keys, to ensure that whoever gets them does not have access to your home.

Take Care of your Keys: Do not leave them under the doormat or in the mailbox like many people often do. The best thing to do is to make some copies of your keys and give a copy to a trusted friend, neighbor or family member.

Install an Alarm System: Nothing can replace a good alarm system. Alarm systems notify security authorities and warn homeowners of potential burglaries. Burglars that hear an alarm going off usually run off and in most cases do not come back. Ensure also that all alarm system wiring is not exposed to prevent burglars from disabling your alarm.

Watch Who you Let in: Do not let strangers in your house if you can avoid it. When getting someone to do some service for you for example a house cleaner or plumber, try to get people who have been recommended or vetted by someone else, or opt for people working for a reputable company.

Light up Your Surroundings: Areas like your front and back door should always be well lit. No burglar wants to be seen breaking into your home. Make use of auto-sensors that turn on the lights when they sense movement.

Share Information: If you happen to see some suspicious characters of activity in your neighborhood, share this information with your neighbors so that they can also stay alert.

Secure Your Windows and Doors: Do you very best to ensure that your doors and windows have been secured. For external doors for example, use deadbolt locks. Use metal bars on sliding doors and windows. Use interior door hinges as opposed to external ones. That all your windows have locks, and especially those close to a tree, which can easily be climbed by a burglar. Also use burglar-proof glass whenever you can.

Invest in a Guard Dog: Having a guard dog is a good idea because dog’s can alert you to the presence of a stranger in your home. Even having a small dog makes a difference.

Final Thoughts

Security for your home is key. Do not take it for granted. do everything in your power to provide a safe and secure home for your family. Stay vigilant and always share information with your neighbors and security personnel and authorities. Start implementing some of the tips we have shared with you today, and make your home a safer place.