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About Guard Force Security

Guard Force Security has successfully provided top notch security service to thousands of companies in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Our security guard company has a great reputation with our clients and this is why we have one of the highest retention rates in the area of private security.

A security guard at Guard Force Security has been trained to use the latest cutting edge technology in the industry. This gives us a big advantage over much of the competition and is an important reason why you can trust us with your security service requirements.

Our screening process helps us in selecting high-quality and self-motivated employees which is why a security guard at Guard Force Security stays employed with us longer; most of our competitors have extremely high turnover rates. (more…)

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Wow! Your services amazed us; we have some guys to be trained for our company security department. A friend gave us guard force security contact and got them to train our security department and what we saw when they came back from the training thrilled us all. Now they can now handle the security t...
Charles L.
I wish I had known this security guard company back then, I have gotten more than three security outfits to take security affairs of our company, but what we got was below what we expected. We have to start all over again with all of them. We have been using this company for seven months, and I can ...
Ron J.
We are still surprised till now when we were told the amount to be paid for the contract deal for security guards we needed in our company. The price was way lower to those we have contacted earlier on. We first thought it was a hoax, but when we checked the total service package we have no option t...
Mike O.
Lately we have been facing some assaults from some hoodlums at our restaurant, they will eat and drink and no money will be dropped, and nobody dare asked them. We contacted Guard Force and some of their personnel’s have been posted to our restaurant and no such incidents have been experienced for m
Nicole E.
We have the cause to do a night work at one of our numerous field works, but our security was in jeopardy and no police could be reached in case of any assaults. We called in guard force security and we were attended to within hours. We had a nice field work with no life and property in danger. Than...
Kyle O.
Thanks for given us what we paid for at our wedding. Your private security guards did good jobs at our wedding event. No car was burgled; phones and bags were not stolen or misplaced unlike many events I have attended before now. In fact, guests were really impressed by the ways they conducted their...
Clara M.
Guard Force Security is one of the best security arms in the US, we have two of the company employees working at our supermarket, and they have been doing a great job here. Many shoplifters have been caught and arrested which would have caused lots of loss for our business. Bravo!
Sarah K.
You live up to your words. There is this security guard that has been working with our company for many years and he always lives up to our expectation. We have gotten the services of many security outfits and many of their employees don’t spend up to four months with us. Guard force employee has be
Cole A.

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